Sunday, June 29, 2008

A BIG Day!!

Today is a very important day in my family!! It is my Dad's 60th Birthday, my Mom & Dad's 39th wedding Anniversary and my sister and brother-in-law's 12th Anniversary!

We celebrated my Dad's Birthday last night with a Surprise Party at their house! They headed home from the lake because the girls (Isabelle, Makenna, Ashton & Reese) were having a "surprise party" for Papa! As far as he knew, we would be cooking hot dogs and swimming.

Do you think that we caught him just a little off guard?
Instead of coming home to 8 people, there were about 80 people!! I think that he was VERY surprised!!

Family Picture

The collage that I made for my Dad

Mom & Dad
I hope that you both have a wonderful day today!! I am very lucky to have such kind, caring and supportive parents & grandparents to my girls!! I love you both VERY much!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sleepover Queen

Ashton is really enjoying sleepovers lately! She spent the night with GG & Poppy on Sunday, Isabelle & Makenna last night & another 2 sleepovers (tonight and tomorrow night) with Gran! She is really enjoying her summer of sleepovers!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Reese's Puppy

I had some one-on-one time with Reese this afternoon. Johnny and Ashton went to the lake with my Dad to take pictures and come up with ideas for a new deck. So, I enjoyed an hour of silence as Reese took a nap. Not a very long nap. It was just enough time for us to both feel refreshed though.

After she got up, we sat under the stairs (in the play area), and she was playing with her pretend puppy. She was pointing out the puppy's tongue, and I asked her if the puppy was thirsty. She said, "yes!". So, I gave her a bowl, and the puppy drank some water. Then, she said, "Puppy go potty...Puppy needs candy, Mommy!" It was pretty cute!

Friday, June 20, 2008


Ashton has had 2 fun-filled weeks of Vacation Bible School!! She went to VBS at her preschool last week, and then she went to the one at the church that I grew up in this week! She has had a lot of fun...probably too much fun actually. She has had 3 sleepovers, lunch with friends, and a couple of playdates in the last 2 weeks on top of VBS. I think that it is time for a little rest and relaxation! Time to catch up on her sleep! She is worn out. I don't think that we will do ANYTHING on Monday except for maybe go to the pool for a bit!! Here's to a nice and relaxing weekend too!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day...

Thank you for all that you do for us! We are lucky girls to have such a wonderful Husband/Daddy!! We Love You very much!!

Sarah, Ashton & Reese


Ashton danced in her 1st dance recital yesterday!

She did a ballet routine to Beauty and the Beast, and she wore a Belle costume! Her class started out with 4 kids in August, and they were down to 2 by February. So, it was just Ashton and her friend, Parker! I was a little worried about what she would do in front of an audience, but she did GREAT! They both did a very good job in their "duet"! I am very proud of you, Miss Ashton!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Sleepover Fun...

We have already had 2 sleepovers this Summer now that school is out for my nieces too! The girls had a lot of fun swimming, playing, watching a movie and eating popcorn! They did not watch Parent Trap this time, and I actually moved the scissors just to play it safe! Thankfully, we don't have any new haircuts!! I am VERY happy about that since Ashton can FINALLY get her hair into pigtails after the hair incident a year ago, and I know that my sister is VERY happy too!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

2 year Check-up

I took Reese to the dr yesterday for her 2 year check-up! She took us into the room to get her undressed down to her diaper and ask a couple of questions. Then, we walked out to get weighed and check her temperature, and she said "I get a sucker!" No, not quite yet! I wasn't surprised to hear that she is healthy and doing very well! It was funny when the dr asked if Reese had started to say sentences right as Reese said "I get the book, Mommy!" She said, "Well, I think that answers that question!" She is definitely growing as you can see by her stats!

Height 36 inches (90 %)
Weight 31.6 pounds (90%)

Oh yeah, she also had to get one shot, and she didn't even cry!! What a BIG GIRL!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

New Name

I am need of a new blog name, but I am having a hard time coming up with anything! Any great ideas?

On the Market...

I can't believe that I am writing this, but we have officially put our house on the market!! Yes, we are thinking about moving AGAIN!! I guess this is what happens when your husband builds homes for a living! It has been a bit of an emotional roller coaster for me, but I am okay with it now. I am just hoping and praying that it sells quickly so that we can get all moved in and adjusted before school starts!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

So exciting...

I got a NEW car, and I LOVE it!! Johnny did a great job since I didn't get to see it until it was delivered to our house last night! It only seemed right to make my first trip in my new car to Target this morning! My car needs to get used to that drive!

No more eating in the car. We have to keep it nice and clean! Yeah right. Let's see how long that lasts! I will just enjoy the new car smell while it lasts. I love that!

Too cute....

How cute is this dress?

Reese got this dress for her birthday from Aunt Julie, Uncle Patrick, Isabelle & Makenna, and
We LOVE it!! Thank you very much, Patterson Family!!

Splish Splash...

Gran & Granny gave Reese a swimming pool for her birthday, and they have already had a lot of fun playing in it! Here are some pictures of my little fish! They LOVE the water!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Party time!

We had Reese's 2nd Birthday party at the park on Saturday, and it could not have been more perfect!! Reese had a blast! She was playing at the park, coloring with sidewalk chalk, playing with a squirt bottle, a ball and bubbles! All of her favorite things. The cutest thing was watching her friend, Jonah, squirt her with water! She would run and then stop and let him squirt her again! This went on for awhile. Too cute!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Reese!